Artist Statement

                  My paintings hold testament to my ongoing investigation of consciousness. Specifically, I am interested in consciousness beyond personal identity, or what may be termed as non-local consciousness. Here I use the phrase personal identity to describe an agglomeration of various interrelated mechanisms of identity; including mind, intellect, memory, emotion, habit, body, culture and context. This complex of overlapping facets of identity defines and maintains the lens of self through which we experience the world.  In this light, non-local consciousness can be seen as consciousness bereft of the confining parameters of self.  Non-local consciousness maintains all the potentiality of identity and self, but lacks the requisite boundaries of them. It is the substrate from which they actualize in the first place. This view of course posits consciousness as the primary reality, all phenomena being a manifestation or condensation thereof.

         Non-local consciousness is accessed only experientially. It is beyond the scope of a cognitive or intellectual approach, for thinking—intellect and cognition—provides the fulcrum of self-centric awareness. Thus, my artwork is fundamentally experiential. Each of the organic, improvisational compositions is an evocative allusion to the experiential quality of non-local consciousness. It is not an asserted position on the nature of non-local consciousness, but rather a suggestion of the experience of it. This ambiguity is vital to the appreciation of an ineffable, trans-personal dimension of consciousness from the vantage of a rational, identity-conditioned being. Also importantly, a palpable conveyance of interconnectedness is of overarching significance to my concept. Two further themes are centrally intrinsic to my work. Firstly, I cultivate the absence of spatial-temporal specificity—the absence of the defining context of recognizable time and space.  And secondly, I invite the absolution of paradox—visual or thematic conflict presented so as to illuminate mutual compatibility rather than incongruence (i.e. gross/subtle, volition/response, entity/expanse). By this method my work is spoken in a language that is at once familiar and absorbable, yet also inconclusive and ungraspable. More than anything, my art affirms non-representational visual image as a potent and relevant vehicle for engaging a subtle and reflective examination of reality beyond the self.




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