Selected Paintings 2009-2011

julian vadas elucidant

 "Elucidant" 2009, Oil and Acrylic on Masonite Panel 48" x 66"

Elucidant is a word that I have coined by adding the suffix "-ant" ( -ing, or that which does), to the root verb "elucidate": to make lucid, clear. Through this I mean to illustrate a sensation or process of clarity, illumination, inspiration, etc... For me this painting is about clarity of inner vision, a state of perception in which external distraction dissipates, and personal insights become lucid without the constraints of time or space. This painting is directly influenced from an experience I was fortunate to enjoy on the shore of El Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala, one evening in January 2009. As I sat by the deep turquoise waters, I felt a  subtle though substantial pulsation of energy emanating from the volcanoes on the opposite shore and gliding patiently across the lake with the breeze. The colors and energy levels of this painting are quite inspired from this experience. 

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