Selected Paintings 2009-2011

julian vadas samadhi

"Samadhi" 2008, Oil and Acrylic on Masonite Panel 48" x 66"

In the yogic tradition, the Sanskrit word "samadhi" describes the highest attainable level of consciousness, it represents complete union with the divine core of the universe. Since painting and naming this painting, I have come to understand that I do not understand samadhi. For me, as well as for the vast majority of humankind, samadhi will remain no more than a distant concept, hints of which are perhaps glimpsed a handful of times in a lifetime. It once seemed appropriate to change the name of this painting, because samadhi is something beyond the grasp of the conceptual mind and it is inadequate to produce a finite image in an attempt to express the unknowably infinite. This being said, it seems satisfactory that the concept of samadhi still be sought as a contemplative subject for those of us whose path in life is to be living and working in the material plane of existence. For the greatest fraction of us, we neither can nor do we need to transcend our roles in the world of gross cause and effect. In this light, we can still choose to remind ourselves of the dimensions beyond. I have chosen to keep the name samadhi for this painting because it hints at the transcendent rather than defines it. Within it the sense of permeating illumination, dissolution of Newtonian physics, and timelessness offer hints and reminders to the mind that we can still move towards samadhi, and glimpse the mystery of the upper reaches of consciousness without expecting to arrive at enlightenment in full. 

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