Selected Paintings 2009-2011

julian vadas sushumna

 "Sushumna" 2008, Oil on Canvas 35" x 47"

 According to yogic tradition, the Saskrit term Sushumna, describes the primary channel of prana, or vital energy, that parallels the spinal column in the energy body. Unlike the spinal chord which we inherently command, access to the full energy potential of Sushumna, leading the way for activation the Kundalini Shakti, requires extensive yogic practice and spiritual discipline. It opens in conjunction with the alignment and balance of the Ida and Pingala, the other primary Nadis (energy channels), which circumnavigate the length of Sushumna and correspond respectively to female and male energy, or Yin and Yang in Chinese Philosophy. This painting borrows much of its form from a photo I took of "turkey tail" fungus growing on a tree. In the image, I have chosen to depict this fungal energy channel dissipating into infinity as an allegory to a sort of archetypal universal Sushumna. I imagine this as all-penetrating energy source which provides vitality throughout the cosmos. 

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